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VCI Packing

We offers VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) packing services. VCI packing is a method used to protect metal components and products from corrosion during storage and transportation. VCI packaging utilizes special materials that release volatile corrosion inhibitors, which form a protective layer on the metal surface, preventing corrosion.

VPC provides the following services related to VCI packing:

  • VCI Packaging Materials : VPC supplies a wide range of VCI packaging materials, including VCI films, VCI bags, VCI papers, VCI foam, VCI emitters, and VCI capsules. These materials are designed to provide effective corrosion protection for various metal products.
  • Customized VCI Packing Solutions: VPC offers customized VCI packing solutions tailored to meet specific customer requirements. They work closely with clients to understand their needs and develop packaging solutions that ensure optimal protection for their metal products.
  • VCI Packaging Design: VPC has a team of experts who can assist in the design of VCI packaging solutions. They consider factors such as product size, shape, weight, and shipping conditions to design packaging that provides maximum corrosion protection and meets industry standards. .
  • VCI Packing Services: : VPC provides professional VCI packing services for customers who prefer outsourcing their packaging needs. Their experienced team ensures that metal components or products are properly packed using VCI materials to safeguard them from corrosion during storage and transportation.
  • VCI Consulting and Training: VPC offers consulting services to help businesses implement effective corrosion prevention strategies. They provide guidance on VCI packaging best practices, storage conditions, and handling procedures. Additionally, they offer training sessions to educate clients on the proper usage and benefits of VCI packaging.
  • VCI Testing and Analysis: VPC conducts testing and analysis of VCI packaging materials and their effectiveness in corrosion prevention. They can perform tests to determine the corrosion resistance of different metals and provide recommendations for selecting the appropriate VCI packaging materials

Overall, Vijay Packing Company specializes in VCI packing services, providing a comprehensive range of solutions to protect metal components and products from corrosion.

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